Life Science Liability Coverage

Tailored liability for a transformative industry that includes:

  • Primary & Excess Coverage
  • Combined Product-Work Hazard and Life Science Professional Liability Form
  • A+ US insurer partnership for ultimate financial security
  • Up to $20M in Capacity for preferred risks
  • Low minimum premiums for start-ups and clinical trials
  • Non-Admitted for ultimate flexibility (admitted product coming soon)


Coverage Innovation and Integration.

We offer Products-Work Hazard Liability and Life Science Professional Liability coverage on a combined, A+ rating backed form for seamless delivery of critical enterprise-wide coverage with flexible capacity levels and attachments points.

Primary Form Highlights*

  • Pure Claims Made Form
  • Enterprise Wide “Insured Product”, “Insured Work”
  • Duty to Defend, Defense Within Limits
  • Broad Life Sciences Insured Definition
  • Worldwide Territory Available
  • Waiver of Subrogation
  • Primary, Non-contributory
  • 90 Day Cancelation Provision
  • Prospective Batch/Related Claims
  • Deductible does not Erode Limit
  • Prospective Related Claims Language
  • 90 Day Extended Reporting Period
  • Punitive & Exemplary Damages-Favorable Venue
  • Specialized manuscript coverage development available

Supplemental Coverage Offerings

  • Data Breach Liability
  • Data Breach Expense Coverage
  • Care, Custody or Control Property Damage Expense
  • Crisis and Mitigation Expense
  • Class 1 Product Recall Expense Reimbursements (can be expanded to product withdrawal)
  • Clinical Trial Medical Expense Coverage (in addition to policy limits)

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We offer a traditional follow form excess policy with an emphasis on following primary products-work hazard and life science professional liability risks with flexible capacity levels and attachments points.

We can consider offering excess coverage over other casualty lines.  A full primary submission and primary coverage language is required to underwrite excess liability.

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Nationwide E&S/Specialty is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company of Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide E&S/Specialty was incorporated in 1982 as a Delaware corporation. Since September 30, 1987, Nationwide E&S/Specialty has been incorporated in the state of Ohio. The Company’s headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Company conducts business on both a surplus lines basis and admitted basis in all 50 states.

The Company utilizes the following paper to write business:

  • Scottsdale Insurance Company: Surplus lines in all states except; admitted in AZ, DE & OH
  • Scottsdale Indemnity Company: AZ and DE
  • Scottsdale Surplus Lines Insurance Company: OH
financial rating a+

A.M. Best

financial rating a+

Standard & Poor’s

financial rating a



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