Risk Management

Custom tailored risk management services provided by the experts in each matter of interest.

Policy Features

  • Enterprise-wide industry specific coverage
  • Claims Made coverage trigger
  • Broad definition of insured
  • Forward-looking related claim / batch provisions
  • Deductible with an optional SIR
  • Defense Costs are included within the limits and deductible
  • Competitive rating plan for the best in class insureds
  • Where required by contract, the following are included within the form:
    • Additional insured coverage
    • Waiver of Subrogation
    • Primary and Non-contributory

Supplemental Coverage Offerings

  • Clinical Trial Data Breach Coverage
  • Clinical Trial Medical Expense Coverage
  • Care, Custody or Control Property Damage Expense
  • Crisis and Mitigation Expense
  • Class 1 Product Recall Expense Reimbursements


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